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Brief biographies and interview summaries for all of the interviewees in the Russian Mennonite Immigrants oral history project

Brief biographies and interview summaries for all of the interviewees in the Fairview Mennonite Home Seniors oral history project. The interviewees were of Swiss Mennonite descent. Many of the recordings include their memories of the Russlaender…

Russlaender families arrived in the Vineland area as early as the summer of 1924 to help with the summer harvest. In the first years, there was much Russlaender movement in and out of the area. Until 1934 the congregation was composed of United…

Gerhard Rempel (1861-1942) and Maria Dyck (1864-1946) married in Schoenfeld, south Russia in 1889. The couple had five children. Only one, Jakob, survived. Sons Gerhard and Peter were murdered by bandits during the Russian civil war. Daughters Maria…

A. P. Regier was interviewed in Virgil, Ontario

Alex Classen was interviewed in Kitchener, Ontario

The Nickels were interviewed in Waterloo, Ontario. Two files are available:A transcript of the entire interview A clip (1 min, 25 sec) of Cornelius Nickel discussing his reaction to the Russian Revolution as a young student

David Wiebe was interviewed in Kitchener, Ontario. Note that a transcript is only available for the July 30 interview.

Frank Steingart was interviewed in St. Catharines, Ontario

Henry Dueck was interviewed in Waterloo, Ontario
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