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Personal collections


Items created by the immigrants themselves that represent their journey and early years in Canada.


Mennonite Archives of Ontario


1920s-1940s predominant


English, German, Russian


Text; Images

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Margarethe (Kroeger) Regier's recipe book
Margarethe (1896-1988) was born in Rosenthal, south Russia to David and Margaretha (Krahn) Kroeger. She immigrated with her husband Abraham P. Regier in 1923 first to Edmonton, and then Lymburn, Alberta. The family moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake in…

Reesor choir's choral book
A handmade, cloth covered choral score containing hectographs of primarily sacred pieces in German assembled between 1939 and 1942 in Reesor, Ontario for the local choir. The pieces are notated in ziffern (cypher) style. Many of the pieces are dated,…

John H. Enns scrapbook, "The Story of Reesor"
Long-time resident and community historian John E. Enns. assembled this scrapbook of photographs and commentary. The Reesor settlement was situated along the Trans-Canada highway west of Cochrane, Ontario, at approximately Mile 103. The community…

Gerhard and Maria (Dyck) Rempel's satchel
Gerhard Rempel (1861-1942) and Maria Dyck (1864-1946) married in Schoenfeld, south Russia in 1889. The couple had five children. Only one, Jakob, survived. Sons Gerhard and Peter were murdered by bandits during the Russian civil war. Daughters Maria…
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