Immigrant assistance lists

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Immigrant assistance lists


Lists created by the Ontario Mennonite committee which organized temporarily housing and employment for Russlaender Mennonites in southwestern Ontario and Niagara.

These are primarily "Swiss Mennonite" individuals and congregations; descendants of Mennonite settlers who arrived from Pennsylvania in the late 1700s and early 1800s.






Organizational records


XV-1.3.7 MAO

Collection Items

List of congregations and the number of families billeted by each
A handwritten list by Ira Bauman of congregations and some individuals, along with the number of families they are willing to billet.

List of families desired in Ontario
Typed and handwritten list showing potential billets in several communities in Ontario. Entries note the living quarters the hosts can provide. Some also note the work opportunities available.

Revised list of families for Ontario
A typewritten list with handwritten notes. This is a revised list of hosts in Ontario along with the type of housing available. The type of work available is sometimes listed.

Registry of Vineland and district
A typewritten list by Bishop S. F. Coffman of Vineland. Shows hosts in the Vineland and Rainham areas along with the Russlaender families they are billeting.

Pupils at Biehn Mennonite Sunday School from Russia
A typewritten list of Russlaender children and adults attending the Biehn Mennonite Church Sunday School. The Biehn congregation was located near New Hamburg, Ontario.

List of district representatives
A typed list with handwritten additions of the Mennonite Conference of Ontario men appointed in each district to solicit hosts and assist with settling Russlaender families.

Joseph B. Snyder notebook of collections to aid immigrants
This notebook includes collection lists for underwear and other aid for Russian Mennonite immigrants. Collections were made from the Waterloo, St. Jacobs, Martins, Elmira, North Woolwich, South Peel and Conestogo congregations. These are Old Order…
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