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Oral history


In 1976 Mennonite Central Committee Canada provided a grant to the Institute of Anabaptist-Mennonite Studies at Conrad Grebel College for an oral…

Contributors: Stan Dueck, Henry Paetkau (interviewers). Interviewees: Cornelius Martens, David Thiessen, Cornelius Nickel, Alex Classen, Gerhard Peters, Helen Peters, Were Neufeld, Olga Neufeld, Alice Neufeld, Jacob P. Dick, Cornelius Unruh, Katherina Klassen, Herb Enns, Marie Enns, Jacob C. Fast, Herman Koop, Woldemar Schroeder, Maria Toews, Henry Poetker, David Wiebe, Gerhard Braun, Johann Bergen, Mrs. Johann Bergen, Henry Goertz, Maria Klassen, Nikolai Isaak, Henry Huebert, Clara Huebert, William Andres, Frank Steingart, Abram A. Wall, Johann J. Wichert, Abram H. Heinrichs, Nickolas J. Fehderau, Abram Dick, Henry P. Rempel, Henry Tiessen, Jacob J. Klassen, Henry Hiebert, Dietrich Klassen, Henry J. Reimer, Gertruda Reimer, John Mathies, Abram P. Klassen, Abram P. Regier, Nick Fransen, Gerhard J. Enns, Henry Dueck, J. J. Rempel, David Hamm, John Weier, Susan Weier, Jacob Enns, Gerhard Toews, Agatha Rempel, Sara Braun, Maria Berg, Cornelius Andrews, Anna Andrews, N .N. Driedger, Jac. D. Janzen, H. J. Dueck, Renate Wuerffel, John Mathies, Paul Wallman, John Peters, Jacob P. Penner, Jac. D. Janzen, J.P. Driedger, Gerhard Thiessen, John Fast, Abram Barg, Alex Fischer, Henry Pauls, Mrs. Henry Pauls, N.N. Driedger, Jacob Epp, John Enns, Johanna Thiessen, Justine Thiessen, Peter J. Sawatzky, Aaron Baerg, Gertrude Baerg, Henry Regehr, W. J. Wiebe, H. H. Epp, Peter A. Vogt, Jacob Penner, Aganetha Penner, Franz Guenther, Abram Bestvater, Gerhard G. Dueck, Franz Peter Froese, Anna Rempel

Church registers


Lists and registers of Russlaender families compiled by church leaders in the Waterloo-Kitchener, Vineland, Leamington and Reesor areas. The time…

Personal collections


Items created by the immigrants themselves that represent their journey and early years in Canada.

Immigrant assistance lists


Lists created by the Ontario Mennonite committee which organized temporarily housing and employment for Russlaender Mennonites in southwestern…